Technical service specialists available all over Poland

Our company was established ten years ago to satisfy the needs of the commercial and residential property market in terms of technical service, upkeep and maintenance of building infrastructure. We provide 24/7 services to properties across Poland, caring for the high standard of execution of the tasks bestowed upon us.

Our services

Technical property service

Comprehensive support by qualified personnel to maintain building infrastructure and keep it running at best efficiency. Inspection planning, warranty management, fault handling.


Advisory and audit services

Technical analyses of building infrastructure during profitability studies of building purchases, in due diligence processes and when preparing budgets and upgrades for properties. Project support, oversight and advisory services in terms of good practices. We support you in the preparation of Opex and Capex budgets

24 hours

24/7 helpdesk

Round-the-clock hotline and support in case of faults outside of the dedicated team working hours.


Design, budgeting, analyses and oversight of all kinds of fit-out and finishing works. Reconstructions and changes within and around properties to improve their quality or change the utility concept.

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